Bullying is known for its victims, not its Heroes.


When Lizzie Velasquez’s TEDxWomen talk became one of the most viewed of its kind with 14mm views and counting, we were there with her. We learned that bullying knows no demographic and that she was not just telling her story, but Everyone's.  We created a Kickstarter campaign that broke records, a film that earned them, and a movement that set out to define them.  “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story” established activism with original content, engagement platforms, and garnered the attention and support of the biggest influencers in online and offline media.  Around the world, victims of bullying, as well as their parents and teachers, are now armed with a new kind of hope.  5+ billion impressions, 9 film festivals and 10 film festival awards, a 100% Rotten Tomatoes Audience score, and a first day DVD sell-out on Amazon, prove that Lizzie was the new kind of Hero that the world was waiting for.




  • Launched a 30-day campaign from May 2nd through May 31st, 2014

  • Reached our minimum goal of $180,000 in 25 days with over 3,000 backers

  • Surpassed our goal by 119% and raised a grand total of $214,930.

  • Made Kickstarter History as one of the Top 5 Highest Funded Documentaries Raised in 30 Days Or Less

  • Received support from celebrities like Katie Couric, Kristen Bell, Bill and Giuliana Rancic, Jason Collins, Hillary Duff, and others

  • Backers from more than 15 countries including Russia, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, UK, Afghanistan, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and Spain

  • Created shareable original content including inspirational quote posters and a 'High Road' movement trailer



One of our biggest initiatives was on Capitol Hill to lend support for the Safe Schools Improvement Act, the nation’s first federal anti-bullying bill.

We launched a website that allows people to take a stand against bullying by encouraging their local Congress members to support the bill. People are able to sort by state and choose whether to reach their representatives by way of Twitter, Facebook, Email, or even a phone call.

We also partnered with like-minded organizations and platforms like the Ad Council on their 'I Am A Witness' Campaign and Tumblr on their Post It Forward Campaign.


Like its protagonist, the documentary “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story” is small and sweet — and much stronger than you might expect.
— The LA Times
A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story” threatens to melt even the grinchiest of hearts... sending us to looking for alternatives to avoid overusing the word ‘inspiring’.
Yet for all this dauntless woman can teach us, it’s clear we need her help far more than she needs ours.
— The New York Times
Affecting reminder that beauty is only skin deep.
— The Hollywood Reporter